Gorges de la Jonte

A true climbers paradise. The lime rocks with their impressive forms offer no less than 400 easy and moderate climbing routes with a maximum of 7 rope lenghts and astonishing views

Gorges du Tarn
Even thinking about the Gorge du Tarn will get many climbers emotional and eager. This beautiful gorge offers more than 750 climbings tours and sites.

Gorges de la Dourbie
The third of the pack with „Le Boffi“ and „Cantobre“ offers two great climbing sites which will guarantee a magnificent experience.

Climbing guides for the Jonte and Tarn are available at our snack. For your own convenience: these leaflets, books and guides are for sale in the bookstore in the village of Le Rozier (5 minute walk)

Link „topo jonte-tarn-dourbie

Canoe / Kayak

A canoe / kayak trip in the breathtaking landscape is more than just an experience! Rental service „Canoe Le Rozier“ is only  3 minute walk from our campsite and reservations and valuable tips (between 2h and 2 days) are avalailable at our camp site.

Further details direct on the website „Canoe Le Rozier

Walking and hiking

Walking and hiking
Exploring nature by foot… you’ve just come to the right place. Mosts hikes might be a bit tough caused by large elevetation, but we have never come across someone who didn’t thought the extra step wasn’t worthwile. Hiking trips and sites to see are available at our snack.

Link „walking routes


They are still there…the large trouts in the river. We just need someone to catch them from the rivers. As our campsite is situated along the borders of the Jonte and Tarn river, fishing is made easy. Permits are available in the village. For a competent fishing-guide, contact „Jean-Baptiste„.

For „Adrenalin-Junkies“

For Adrenalin-junkies I recommend the 107m bungee jump in the Gorges du Tarn (Natural-bungee 107m).  Furthermore you can practice paragliding, race downhill with a MTB-Trottinet  and, and, and, …

Bikers (Motorcycle, Bicycle)

And we will not forget the motorbike enthousiasts, mountain bikers and cylcists. Especially before and after the season there is not much traffic along the nice streets of the gorges for the two-wheeled drivers with and without a motor.

Roadbook Gorges du Tarn – Gorges de la Jonte

Trips and sites to see

There will be something for everyone. Below a few examples of tips which are within 13 miles from our campsite. More information is available at the campsite.

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